Our Story

Our journey from tired travelers to tireless entrepreneurs

Our new baby is a born traveler, but traveling with a newborn is not easy. When it comes to baby travel, the options are barely acceptable or worse. We needed something better, so we created a place we can all benefit from.

Our mission

We create and hand pick practical products to ensure parents and babies enjoy the experience of travel. Our originally designed and curated products are aimed at turning baby challenges into cakes.


Baby Travel Inc founders Echo and Sam

Founders Echo and Sam

Why we created Baby Travel Inc

Travel is a hassle, but with a baby, it can turn into a real challenge. Airlines, hotels, even trains are increasingly less baby friendly. Baby Travel Inc understands this, and realizes that traveling parents experience lots of unnecessary obstacles. Baby Travel Inc is excited to address these issues that emerge once you decide to travel as a family.

We are more than just an E-commerce store

We want Baby Travel Inc to be more than just a store, we want it to be your go-to source of information on traveling with your little babe. Baby Travel Inc’s blog will help provide support for parents that are constantly on the go. We hope the blog will become a community effort to make traveling just a little bit easier with your little ones. Join the Baby Travel Inc blog to learn from other seasoned parent travelers. The Baby Travel Inc team is thrilled for all the future adventures for you and your family.

The Baby Travel Inc Team

Mom/Founder/Major Doodler of Baby Travel Inc. Echo has been a serial doodler since childhood. She studied both animation and Fine Arts to further legitimizing her doodling skills.

Founder/COO of Baby Travel Inc. Samantha is a Philadelphia native, traveling addict, and a “baby whisperer”. Growing up, Sam was drawn to infants and expectant mothers. After graduating with a degree in Biology, she became a doula so she could offer informational and hands on help to expectant and postpartum families. When she co-founded Baby Travel Inc, she knew her love for both new families and traveling came together perfectly.

Husband, father and man of the world.

In house photographer and social media manager, Rosie has been a great addition to the Baby Travel Inc team! She knows exactly how to capture the special moments between parents and their little ones and adds her own creativity to all social media platforms!

Cindy is the Marketing intern/ Social Media Wizard at Baby Travel Inc. Not only is she currently becoming an expert in communications at Temple University, she is a dedicated Philadelphia foodie. Cindy has always had a passion in new adventures and is not afraid of taking new challenges.

Drew is our life saver when it comes to website design and social media/marketing. He is also a hip new dad!